Collision P.R.E.P. – Class Schedule and Information

MAY 17


8:30am – 10:00am |

Future-proof Your Shop: Tomorrow’s Success Starts with Today

Presented by: Mike Anderson, Collision Advice

What does success look like today and what will it look like tomorrow? Mike Anderson shares insights gleaned from traveling over 300 days a year working with hundreds of shops, OEM’s, software companies and his own personal experiences. He’ll discuss moving to a four-day work week, trends with OEM insurance, OEM certifications, and DRP versus non-DRP. Find out what ESG is and how it may impact our industry, trends on customer pay repair orders; and, why it is CRITICAL to build a relationship with the vehicle owner. Speculate on what the future holds for Innovation in scheduling and how AI may impact that. In addition, Mike will share his latest state-by-state Average labor hours per RO and per labor category and the consequences of “Being GREEDY!”

11:30am – 1:00pm | LUNCH & LEARN

Efficiency Unleashed: Rethinking Roles in Collision Repair

Presented by: Michael Bradshaw of K&M Collision, Barry Dorn of Dorn’s Body & Paint, and Kris Burton of Rosslyn Auto Body

Join us for a transformative journey with “Efficiency Unleashed: Rethinking Roles in Collision Repair.” This insightful seminar designed for shop owners, managers, and estimators in the collision repair industry, and offers a comprehensive approach to maximizing shop efficiency through strategic role segmentation. Takeaways include: Fundamentals of Role Segmentation: Explore the concept of role segmentation and its critical impact on enhancing shop efficiency. Cross-Industry Success Models: Learn from successful strategies in other industries like manufacturing and healthcare and how to adapt these for collision repair. Technological Evolution and Specialization: Delve into the importance of specializing in evolving vehicle technologies, including ADAS and electric vehicles, to stay ahead in the industry.  Implementation Strategies: Get practical, actionable steps for introducing and optimizing role segmentation in your shop, aimed at improving workflow and overall productivity. Preparing for Future Trends: Equip yourself with the knowledge to adapt to and leverage future trends in the collision repair industry, ensuring long-term business growth and innovation.  Join us for this enlightening seminar to gain from extensive experience, and transform the way your collision repair shop operates for a more efficient, skilled, and adaptive future.

Lunch Sponsored by: ADAS Solutions

2:00pm – 3:00pm | Option 1

The Critical Steps Involved to Achieve an OEM-Centric Calibration 

Presented by: Greg Peeters, CEO, Car ADAS Solutions        

With the increasing focus on following OEM repair procedures to ensure a proper repair, collision repair facilities must understand the critical steps involved to achieve an ADAS calibration. In the following presentation, Greg Peeters will talk about the most popular types of calibration being done today, as well as when and how to calibrate. He will also discuss why the setup of the calibration environment is an important factor in the accuracy of the calibration.

2:00pm – 3:00pm | Option 2

Building Value in Your Shop 

Presented by: Matt DiFrancesco, CExP™, Principal and Certified Exit Planner, High Lift Financial

As an owner, you pour your heart and soul into building a successful business. Many entrepreneurs are focused on daily operations, but it is just as important to strategize for the future.  Every move you make should have your continued success and succession in mind, regardless of when or if you are planning it.  Waiting until you burn out will make it very difficult to achieve the post-ownership lifestyle you want.  Building the value in your business will allow you to focus on growth, and even for exiting on your terms.

4:30pm – 5:30pm | Option 1

Self Confidence: An advanced repair plan you can expand on.      

Presented by: Danny Gredinberg, the DEG, and Kyle Motzkus, General Manager of Hunter Autobody and Missouri Autobody Association

A dive into the what, why and how of the repair planning PROCESS. Repair planners are getting stuck in explaining the repair process with technicalities which can include required procedures, process of repairs and the truth of the conversation. Repair planners are challenged daily, having to understand every aspect of the repair process. In this session we will discuss non-negotiable required operations within the repair process. Starting with the initial consultation then onto diagnostics, advanced refinishing processes that must be considered, and unique repair steps when compliant with OEM certified expectations. Immerse yourself into this action-packed discussion, which will yield proven tactics to build a bullet proof repair plan supported by facts.

4:30pm – 5:30pm | Option 2

Navigating the Challenges of Recruiting & Retaining Technicians

Presented by: Jay Goninen, Co-Founder & President, WrenchWay

Recruiting and retaining technicians is one of the greatest challenges facing the collision industry. Not only is there a national technician shortage, but the priorities of job seekers is changing and recruiting as a whole isn’t as cut and dry as it used to be. Join us in this presentation as we discuss: What today’s technicians are looking for in an employer, modern-day recruiting strategies that actually work, and tips for retaining top talent in your shop.

MAY 18


8:30am – 9:30am | Option 1

100% Disassembly

Presented by: Mike Anderson

This class explores the importance of creating a culture of doing things WITH your team, not TO your team and how to gain their support for the common goal of 100% disassembly. Often shops believe they are completely disassembling vehicles, however, we find the vehicles still have components that should have been R&I’d. Therefore, this course will look at the reasons WHY components need to be R&I’d from a vehicle and provide real-world examples for each reason.


8:30am – 9:30am | Option 2

Do You Have Leaky Profit? Find Out Where Profit Leaks from Your Collision Center and How to Fill the Holes!

Presented by: Taylor Moss, OEConnection

This presentation focuses on real-world examples where materials, labor, software, employees, and other areas may be leaking profits out of your business. There are collision centers all over the nation that are mindful of these areas – they are winning and collecting profits that others simply let leak out of their business. This presentation will highlight some of the most common areas where profit leaks out, while offering advice and recommendations on how to plug those gaps and fill your profit cup!


11:00am – 12:30pm | LUNCH & LEARN

Repairer to Repairer: RTA’s and PRI’s, The Process & the Shop’s Role [PANEL DISCUSSION]

Panelists: Adrian Mora, Collision Consumer Advocates, Billy Walkowiak, Collision Safety Consultants; Moderated by: Steve Krieps, WMABA Imm Past President / Collision Safety Consultants of WV

This panel discussion will be an open dialogue between local- and nationally-recognized leading experts on the Right to Appraisal and Post Repair Inspections; sharing viewpoints on how repairers properly utilize the RTA and/or PRI. This will give insights into where the customer or the repairer can invoke these resources, to assist in negotiations and completion of the repair process.  Real examples and real discussion will round out the session, with a healthy allotment of time for interaction and questions.


2:00pm – 3:30pm | Option 1

Nurturing the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

Presented by: Bruce Schronce, StrongLead’s Executive Partner and Leadership & Business Consultant

Companies typically get started because of a passion, an ability and an opportunity that eventually turns into a business. However, growing and sustaining that business while enjoying the journey can become a challenging feat at best and at worst, a living nightmare. This will be an interactive presentation on five critical aspects of growing your business, attracting, developing and retaining great people, leadership cohesion, and enjoying a meaningful and prosperous journey.  Bruce will present and field questions on growing, enjoying, and sustaining a successful business in today’s everchanging environment of Collision Repair.


2:00pm – 3:30pm | Option 2

Increased Profitability through Proper Documentation: how communication, documentation and collision shop positioning must change in 2024 and beyond

Presented by: Keith Manich, AMAMDirector of Collision Services, Automotive Training Institute

The presentation will identify the areas of opportunity that we all face in trying to move collision shops in a more professional and direct way against those who might challenge the Collision shop owner and their staff. One of the most important steps will be creating bigger and more effective associations to allow collision owners to develop more collaborative opportunities and business partnerships to move the entire industry forward. It’s about the collision shop owners taking back their industry at the same time they are becoming businesses that the consumer can look to for quality and trust in the process.